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Speech bubbles string.jpg

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 E              V                                        W                S

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What do we love about our work?

Seeing the excitement and the broad smiles on the faces of clients as they experience a day of behind-the-scenes motorsport.  
Come to us for our unique Motorsport Experiences. 
Do have a read of our guests say.  Just to your left. Over there.

Stopwatch Hospitality

Who Are We?

Stopwatch Team Chris Brown CB Email.png

The favoured word of Chris with regard to high-powered racing cars is 'gruntage'.  

Chris has a background in city finance  and currently, also works on the mindset of top sports people alongside other clients. 

Chris has been a regular face at Stopwatch for many years now and is our man to chat to about your event. 

Sales Director

Chris Brown

Stopwatch Team Paul Clark PC Email.png

Having worked for several years with a number of racing drivers, Paul was able to hone the art of running hospitality and events for sponsors and guests at circuits in the UK and across Europe. 

In 2011, he set up Stopwatch Hospitality with a base at Brands Hatch near London. 

In that time, he has become well connected in the world of motorsport and loves sharing these with guests.

He also loves coffee.

Events Director

Paul Clark

Stopwatch Team Lewis Glynn LG Email v2.p

Lewis has been watching motorsport from a very young age. 
His collection of racing VHS video cassettes only have a few viewings left, so thin is the tape. 

Lewis is our wise man of wordage, our Prince of Prose and our captain of communication. 

He puts the feeling and excitement that we have about motorsport into the sequence of shapes that we call words. 

[Lewis could obviously have written this much better]

Communications & Media 

Lewis Glynn

2015 Logo + Everythings Arranged.png
Contact Us 
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Why not be old-fashioned and give us a call? 07956 88 58 51   01959 50 90 98
Thank you for getting in touch!
Chris or Paul will respond soon. 
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