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The Best View in British Motorsport

in our Brands Hatch



The Best View in British Motorsport

Brands Hatch

Brands is one of the most popular circuits in the UK. It's our favourite! Unlike many other circuits it is situated in a valley rather than an ex-airfield. Consequently, there are many good viewing positions. Our Penthouse Suite has such a good view, Chris Evans said "I cannot think of a better vantage point on any race circuit in the world". Brands has  hosted 12 runnings of the British Grand Prix up to1986 and currently hosts many British and International racing events.
To view some of your suite options, have a look at the videos below...

Brands Hatch: Packages
Redefining Motorsport Hospitality

Redefining Motorsport Hospitality

Stopwatch is more than just another sports hospitality service. The focus lies in creating an utterly unique race day experience, combining our behind-the-scenes packages with the greatest views at race circuits to the unprecedented unpredictability of racing. The joy of motorsport comes in its sensory perfection; nowhere else are there such sights, sounds and smells working together in a vibrant symphony. This is more than the mere act of hosting; a day with Stopwatch is both immersive and interactive, giving our guests a rare insight into the world of motorsport. Simply having the opportunity to enjoy the racing from our superbly-located suites is just the cornerstone to our unrivalled hospitality experience. We understand that motorsport can be enjoyed from every angle, so we provide you with a shuttle to take you to other viewing locations at the track. The Stopwatch Experience takes you backstage during a typical motorsport weekend; we will give you an intimate tour of the pit lane and paddock areas, giving you the chance to see those race machines up close and personal. Furthermore, we always arrange for our guests to meet at least one driver or rider, giving them the chance to ask them to ask their burning questions about the world of motor racing. Our virtual experience is just as valuable as that of the physical; Stopwatch exists on a multitude of online platforms, giving our guests the chance to interact, engage and share their stories online. The screens in the suite show everything from live timings, driver trackers alongside other significant motorsport events going on around the world. Considering the secret passion for so many of us to be the next racing prodigy, we give our guests the chance to race head-to-head in our video game challenges of Brands Hatch. With all these elements to loom forward to, sewn together with the promise of day-long refreshment, nourishment and a relaxed social atmosphere, Stopwatch Hospitality is the only place to go to enjoy motorsport at its very finest. Our tailor made packages promise an unforgettable, enjoyable and stress-free day for our guests. With Stopwatch, 'Everything's Arranged. Except the Result.' Get in touch to arrange your experience!
The Donington Suite
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